The smart platform for travel.

Yilu makes every aspect of the journey better for the traveller, while creating new growth opportunities for travel companies.

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Yilu's vision


The trip lives all over the place

Tickets are stored across different apps and emails, updates are pushed with little context or relevance. It’s up to the traveller to piece everything together.

Store all information in one place.


Yilu connects the dots with one platform

Yilu brings the whole journey together in one place, presented in the user’s chosen airline app for a simpler, more convenient overview.

Ensure a smooth journey for the travellers.


Introducing our smart travel companion

Our enterprise partners benefit from Yilu’s automated recommendation engine serving relevant suggestions throughout the journey.

The smart hub for travel.


Our partners get insights and growth

Data from user behaviour leads to insights that help our partners improve their services, learn about their customers and gain new revenue opportunities.

Yilu is a powerful end-to-end travel platform.

The lives of travellers become easier

While we’re ironing out the travel graph, the traveller can enjoy hassle-free journeys and have more time for what really matters.

Traveller waiting at the airport.

Join Berlin’s most driven start-up and change travel for the better.

Travellers enjoying a smooth journey

With Lufthansa’s backing, we’re taking on the challenge of building an end-to-end travel platform we believe will change the way people travel, and the way travel companies do business. If you’re interested in a long-haul ambitious journey, Yilu is the place to grow.

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Travellers enjoying a smooth journey